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Navigational Rally

Date Series Official Event Title Entries close at 8pm
Sat 22/01/2022 DMC January Rally Wed 12/01/2022
Sat 19/02/2022 MAS 87 Rally Wed 09/02/2022
Sat 19/03/2022 DMC March Rally Wed 09/03/2022
Sat 09/04/2022 DMC Mayflower Rally Wed 30/03/2022
Sat 17/09/2022 MAS Bridge Rally Wed 07/09/2022
Sat 15/10/2022 MAS Cushag Rally Wed 05/10/2022
Sat 19/11/2022 DMC Ed Inston Memorial Rally Wed 09/11/2022
Sat 10/12/2022 MAS Liz Lawson Winter Rally Wed 30/11/2022

2022 - Please take some time to read the regulations as there are a couple of minor changes. Online payment details have also been added. 


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